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We care for your smile!

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We care for your smile!

Metro Houston Cosmetic Dental Solutions

Improving Smiles Everyday

Even the smallest imperfection in your teeth can cause pain, frustration, or embarrassment. For this reason, Dr. Yagnik’s dental office offers a wide range of cosmetic options, from teeth whitening to no-prep veneers. Today, with all of the recent advances in dentistry, enhancing your dismal smile is no longer an “Impossible Dream.” Dr. Yagnik works directly with every patient, never seeing more than one patient at a time. This means that you will receive her full attention during your visit, especially when she is designing the customized cosmetic solution that precisely fits your desires. Because cosmetic dental work is often viewed as expensive, many people do not give it the consideration it deserves. At Aura Dental, the prices are both fair and affordable.

There are several reasons why people decide to pursue cosmetic dental care:

  • The most obvious is to improve appearance. With great advancements in dentistry, no one should have to live with unattractive metal crowns, irregular gums, broken teeth, gaps or stained teeth.
  • Cosmetic work can also help you chew food better, allowing for better digestion of vitamins and nutrients. Your overall health will be affected if your teeth don’t fit together properly.
  • If you are having chronic pain, such as strained jaw muscles, cosmetic care may be able to provide relief. If your teeth and jaw structure don’t complement each other, the muscles become strained, leading to earaches, headaches and cheek pain. Even a misplaced crown can cause persistent pain.

If any of the above sounds like your situation, Dr. Yagnik will be happy to discuss the specific solution that fits your case.

What type of cosmetic care do you provide?

Dr. Yagnik believes in creating attractive smiles that improve a person’s overall oral health. She helps her clients change tooth size, shape and proportion so that their teeth fit together properly. And she can change the size and shape of your teeth so they complement your face, allowing you to enjoy a brighter and healthier smile.
Some of the cosmetic dentistry services that Dr. Yagnik provides:

  1. If patients have dark metallic fillings, they will be replaced with natural looking, tooth-colored fillings. The old mercury fillings are removed, along with the residual decay, and replaced with a porcelain material. This filling will be chemically bonded to your teeth for a longer lasting, more attractive filling. Unlike metal fillings, they make the tooth stronger and won’t expand or contract in the mouth. If most of the tooth structure is gone, crowns can be placed to restore your damaged or broken tooth to improve support and function.
  2. Porcelain veneers, which are thin shells of porcelain bonded to the front surface of your teeth. They easily transform crooked, stained or badly worn teeth into attractive smiles. A small portion of the tooth surface is removed, and the tooth is reshaped with customized veneers. Your smile will look more natural after the treatment, and you will enjoy your healthier, more resistant teeth. You may choose minimal prep and no-prep veneers if you prefer.
  3. Teeth whitening is still the most popular dental treatment. It’s the perfect solution for your dull, stained or discolored teeth. Your smile will enjoy a new vibrancy, and the appearance of your teeth will be dramatically improved without any negative impact on your overall oral care. You will obtain a beautiful, bright smile while still protecting your enamel, gum tissue and existing fillings.
If you are interested in receiving teeth whitening or other cosmetic care, call (832) 674-8043 to schedule a complimentary consultation.