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We care for your smile!

What Cosmetic Dental Procedure Is Right for You?

 Are you suffering through broken, chipped, misaligned, discolored, stained or worn teeth? Well, you are surely at the right place for cosmetic dentistry as Aura Dental is your solution to cure all such issues and will give you a pretty smile.

According to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, over 86% of patients seek these treatments in order to look naturally perfect.

The sole reason for such oral care practices is to enhance your outlook and give a “smile makeover”. Among so many procedures to help you attain the perfect set of teeth, here are a few of the most commonly used procedures by Cosmetic Dentistry Houston Tx at Aura dental which also provide restorative benefits. Scroll down to find out which method performed by the general Dentist Services Houston is best suited for you.

Composite Bonding

Discoloured or decayed teeth? Damaged or cracked teeth? Bonding guarantees up to 10 years effect which will give you an entirely improved appearance. You can look for a dentist in 77083 since it is one of the least expensive practices for patients with chipped, worn edges, or cracked teeth.

To begin with, your dentist prepares your teeth by slightly etching the surface to ruffle them. Next, your teeth are coated with a conditioning liquid used to help the material stick better. Proceeding with, a resin material matching your tooth colour and feature is applied with a uniformity matching to that of putty. Then this sculpts it into the right shape, which eventually hardens with a high-intensity light. Moreover, the set of expert dentists at Aura dental give you the best gum disease treatment in Houston.

Teeth Whitening

Bringing quick transformations to your smile, teeth whitening holds the top position. About 90% of Americans demand teeth whitening practices each year, as per the data from National Institute of Teeth Whitening. It is also known as teeth bleaching procedure and can be performed after tartar, plaque, and other debris are cleaned.

It is basically carried out to whiten the teeth after they get worn and stained from drinks, food, and smoking habits. Besides, you can always look up to Aura Dental for the best emergency dentist in Houston.

Dental Implants

Did you lose teeth? No worries, for your dental implants are used to restore teeth. Your dentist places a tiny titanium screw into the jaw of the missing tooth. This screw then acts as the support for a crown.

These implants are permanently secured into place and are unidentifiable from other natural teeth. Once the supporting fuses to the implant, patients are advised to perform digital oral hygiene to clean the food debris and plaque from the area during the implant placement period.

Inlays and Onlays

Made from porcelain, gold, damaged teeth, or composite materials- Inlays and onlays are also known as indirect fillings. These are created into a dental laboratory and fixed in place by the dentist.

If the material is bonded within the center of a tooth, then it is known as an inlay. However, if the filling covers the biting surface or includes more than one points of the biting surface, it is known as an “onlay”. They are an alternative treatment for crowns and cost around $650 to $1,200 per tooth.

Dental Crowns

Often referred to as caps, Crowns entirely cover your damaged tooth. These are usually made of porcelain and acrylic. They are used to cure broken, poorly shaped, badly decayed tooth, or to cover spaces in between the tooth. The chemicals are fused with metal, ceramic, or resin. This process usually costs about $500 to $900 each.

So the next time you find yourself suffering from any of these symptoms, you can simply look for a dentist near me and contact the best professional at Aura Dental.


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